I make a Google Inside Street View 3D Virtual Tour(Total 56 panoramic pictures + Set up Hotel Logo fot Bottom)For Patong Resort Hotel is located Patong beach.

I arrange Total 08 Function Button ( Lby – Lobby Sup – Supeior Room Dlx – Deluxe Room PDx – Premier Deluxe Room Gdn – Garden Pol – Swimming Pool Rst – Restaurant Ftn – Fitness Room Bld – Garden wing Building. )

VIewer can feel like you are exploring the hotel.

Sabainang Cafe @ Bukit Cuppa

I make a Google Inside Street View ( Totall 12 Panocamic PIctures + Set up Shop Logo fot Bottom ) For Sabainang Cafe @ Bukit Cuppa is located at Phuket Town ( Near Central Phuket Floresta . This cafe have 2stories So  I add funcoitn button 1FL , 2FL .

Seaview Patong

I make a Google Inside Street View (Total 39 panoramic pictures )For Seaview Patong is located Patong beach. For Hotel side, want to introduce many place, So I arrange Total 09 Function Button ( LBY-Lobby , INT-Internet Room , FTN-Fitness Room ,RST-Restaurant, POL – Swimming Pool , SPA-Spa Room , SUP – Superior Room , DX1-Deluxe Room 1st Floor , DXA – Deluxe Room Pool Access)

Kindee Bistro

Iistro located Choeng Thale ( Near Blue Tree Phuket – Water Park ) This Restaurant serve good taiste PIzza ,hamburger, Thai food and etc..

This Restaurant is good for family because restaurant has Swimming pool for kids with Play Ground.

Eurasian Restaurant

I make a Google Inside Street View ( Totall 8 Panocamic PIctures )For Eurasian Restaurant, Phuket is a long-established restaurant that has been open for a long time in Patong Beach. This Restaurant serve good taiste Thai food and etc..

I arrange 2 situations and make function button ( DAY – day time NGT- night time )