Is there anything I need to have ready or prepare until on Shooting date

Matterport Pro 2 camera capture all of 360 degrees comes out mainly on a camera. So Please clean up the things that you don’t want to capture in advance.

Do I need to be present during the shooting ?

Matteport Shooting is always moving around, and Sometime shooting narrow space , it takes at least One hour ( if Lage space need to take more than a day. )
So , the client no need to be present. ( if you would like to observe the shooting situation , please let us know in advance )

Is it possible to shoot outdoors?

Basically ,The Matterport Pro2 Camera use for indoor only. but however it is possible to shoot during sunlight is weak time ( morning and evening )

How about Payment method?

Please transfer our bank account.

Is there a difference in the finish between the shooting company and the cameraman?

Actually, the 3D model will be very different depending on the experience and skill of the cameraman who actually shoots.For example, if there are many scan omissions, there will be many black spots in the 3D model, and if you ignore the scan error warning and proceed with shooting, the finish may be distorted.
There will be a difference in experience as to how the cameraman can supplement other parts that the Matterport Pro2 Camera is not good at.

Do you have BIM file and Making a floorplan service

Yes we can. Floor Plan and BIM file are available as optional cost. (We will ask Matterport to hand over the data as it is.)